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troupe n : organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical); "the traveling company all stayed at the same hotel" [syn: company]

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Attested 1825. From etyl fr troupe. Compare troop.


  1. A company of, often touring, actors, singers or dancers.
  2. Any group of people working together on a shared activity.


company of actors, etc.
any group of people


  1. To tour with a troupe.

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Maybe from a Germanic language, compare þrop.



troupe f

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A troupe is a peforming arts group or company, such as a theater troupe, a dance troupe, a singing troupe, a mime troupe, an improvisational troupe, or a comedy troupe, particularly such a group of performers that regularly tours with performances as opposed to a company with a static location.


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act, act as foil, acting company, age group, appear, band, barnstorm, battalion, bevy, body, brigade, bunch, cabal, cast, cast of characters, characters, chorus, circus troupe, clique, cohort, come out, company, complement, contingent, corps, corps de ballet, coterie, covey, crew, crowd, detachment, detail, division, dramatis personae, emote, emotionalize, ensemble, faction, fleet, gang, get top billing, group, grouping, groupment, in-group, junta, mime, mob, movement, out-group, outfit, pack, pantomime, party, patter, peer group, perform, phalanx, platoon, play, play the lead, playact, posse, regiment, register, repertory company, salon, set, sketch, squad, stable, star, steal the show, stock company, stooge, string, supporting cast, team, tread the boards, tribe, troop, upstage, wing
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